Topic: Mermaind Island Conquest

The next attempt at the mermaid conquest will be Saturday October 12, noon EST.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for the conquest.

Please review this information to understand what it takes to defeat her.

1)  We are only give 10 minutes to destroy her.  This means NO RALLYS.  Hit her directly with every ship you have (Even your specials if you have them).
-- If you are a lower level, send a special with 3, then a special with 2.

2) Save your Assault for this time.  Unless you have Assault tickets, you will need to be able to temporary move.  We do not have time to be putting walls up for people to premium move their.

3)  HITMAN or Capt_Ryan will activate the quest.  Nobody Else do it please.  Everyone should be stationed around mermaid island, to see where she appears.  Once you see her, please post her COORDS to alliance chat. (Yes she moves around).

4)  DO NOT ASSAULT until we know where she is.  Being too far away forces unnecessary time that we desperately need.  Let the bigger levels get closer, and everyone else pack in as close as possible.

5)  Repair your ships between assaults to limit damage, but do it fast.  You are going to have injured pirates, so try to max out your Tavern before saturday.  You won't have time to switch back and heal.

If anyone can think of anything else, please post below.

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Re: Mermaind Island Conquest

Well.  We found out that the Mermaid Conquest's aren't really worth it.  The losses you take for the Pittance you earn is comical at best.  We probably will not be doing this again until everyone is a much higher level.