Topic: Alliance Rules

We love playing the game, so we try not to make too many rules to make it un-enjoyable.  However, to run efficiently, we do have to have some.  So here's the very few rules we do have.

1)  If you are gone longer than 10 days without notifying and L4 or Hitman, you will be removed from the alliance.  If your Territory remains within the Alliance Territory after 24 hours of being booted, it's a free for all.

2)  Attacking one of our Allies is not permitted (B, RLF, ZKD).  If you do, the first time you will get a warning, and second time you will be removed from the Alliance.

Now here are some general Guidelines.  There is no punishment for failing to adhere to these, however it would make EVERYONE's game experience more enjoyable.

1)  Please Shield.  Too many non-shielded territories makes us a target for other alliances.
2)  Please Donate as much as you can to the Alliance (Every 4 hours you can).  The Buffs help all of us, and you get rewards.
3)  Please Check-In Daily (Begins at 8PM EST).  You also get a reward when you do.
4)  Communication is important.  We have Alliance Chat, Teamspeak, and Line for our Alliance.  It's nice to get to know you guys, and it really helps us be a better alliance.  (We also utilize these tools for quicker response on assaults.)