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Leader: Capt_HITMAN


Join us on TeamSpeak for voice chat during the game.

The btB Alliance is all about helping each other.  We try to be peaceful with the alliances around us, and back eachother up when needed.  We ask that Alliance members donate resources to the projects, check in daily, and support each other when they need it.

We are trying to be peaceful, so please don't go out an attack our neighbors without asking first.  1E1 is off limits.

Please join the Alliance chat in the lower left corner and introduce yourself.

If your not sure how you can help, please take a look at our How to Help Page.

Join us on TeamSpeak for voice chat during the game.

1)  Join the Alliance Chat (or TeamSpeak).  It's helpful when we want to Rally attack EITC to get resources
2) Click on the Horn whenever it appears.  (Above the Pub in town, lower right when at sea). Horn Icon
3)  Support the Alliance with resources as much as possible.  All of these Items Help You as well...

These are the 2 Options you should support, as well as any current Buildings that are being built on the map.
Alliance Support Options
4) Check in Daily.  You get a reward for doing so, and the more who check in, the bigger all of our rewards.
Check In Option

5)  If I missed anything, please let me know so I can add it here>

I designed this tool to re-activate my shield while I went to bed, or had to go to work.  It's worked flawlessly so far.
Step 1:  Find out how much Time you have left.
Due to how much I try to update the file, I have moved it to OneDrive
Download the exe or AHK files Here  **Note: AHK requires AutoHotKey App)

Watch the Video Below for a Demonstration

1) Click on your fortress, then "Territory Bluffs"
Peace Shield is the first Option.  There is a timer their.  If it says you have 2 hours 17 minutes 20 seconds, set the app to 2 hours 17 minutes, and wait for the 20 seconds to run off before activating.

2) Click on on the Right Arrow to Expose the "Use" Button.  Now set the clicks.  Use the F2 Button instead of clicking to set the coordinates.  If you have Function Lock on, you may need to use Fn+F2.

3)  Make sure you click yes to override the current shield.  This is a bug, that if the window is open when it expires, it doesn't know it.

4) Leave this window open when all said and done.

BTW, this tool can also be used for Remidial tasks like crafting one item or research.

Here's a Short Video on the walk through.

As far as we know, these are the creatures that give you each Treasure.

Note:  The monster levels at the top are Guesstimates.  The Levels to the right are confirmed.

Treasury of the Aztec (1-3 , 16-18)

Aztec Necklace


Aztec Statue


Aztec Ceremonial Knife


Aztec Treasure Chest


Aztec Mask


Glorious Legacy (4-6 , 19-21)

Colorful Incense Burner


Jade Bixie


Elegant Vase




Admiral's Sword


Scholar's Study (7-9, 22-24)

Renaissance table Clock


Navigator's Compass




Shining Globe


Silver Telescope


Royal Collection (10-15)

Bejeweled Bottle


Topkapi Dagger


Sultan's Globlet


Bejeweled Helmet


Spoon-maker's Diamond


Ancient King's Tomb (13-15)

Golden Statue


Gold Headdress


King's Gold Helmet


Royal Lyre


Gold Dagger